The Muscle Weaving™ System

Finally, a simple effective way to reverse bone & muscle loss

Easy to Follow,

Full Video Instructions

Safely Develop Your Body, Easy Step-by-Step

Start Quickly,

Little Equipment Needed

Backed by Experience, Science & Psychology

Quick & Convenient,

Access Anywhere

Reverse Bone & Muscle Loss to Thrive in Life!

What's included

Fitness Coaching 2.0

Our signature Muscle Weaving System™ is backed by experience, science and sports psychology so it's easy to follow, takes minimal time & equipment and helps sustain progress long term.

From day 1 you'll receive great customized routines that will make you feel great, challenge you just the right amount so you feel amazing and safely get results.

This personalized system helps you:

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Many women are loving this:

Natalie Z.


I've been doing Olio workouts and my latest bone scan showed improved density.

Monica W.


In the first 2 weeks I saw results, I am now stronger and more confident.

Erin B.


I never thought an online training program could replace a personal trainer, boy was I wrong!

Your Fitness Expert

Hi, I'm Ethan,

I've seen the suffering of age-related bone & muscle loss first hand and when I finally cracked the code to overcome what is considered by many as 'inevitable' I knew I needed to share this solution...

Join our community, I'll help you feel amazing from day one.

How does it work?

Online Access

Access your personalized Muscle Weaving™ routines online with our app


You update your results and I use that to continually adapt your program


Things can change & over time we assess how you're doing to keep you on track

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