Ethan enjoys speaking & educating!


Ethan enjoys speaking & educating!


Meet Your Fitness Expert

Meet Your

Fitness Expert

Hi, I'm Ethan,

I've seen the suffering of age-related bone & muscle loss first hand and I enjoy giving talks and educating the community on how to overcome what is considered by many as 'inevitable'.

I'll entertain and educate your women's club on the myths, truths and best ways for women to fight bone and muscle loss!

With an interactive and informative delivery you will leave empowered for your fitness!

Ethan has helped many women to feel stronger, build bone & muscle mass while living more empowered lives. He offers his special Muscle Weaving™ System to help women just like you!

His personalized system helps you:

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Many women are loving this:

Natalie Z.


I've been doing Olio workouts and my latest bone scan showed improved density.

Monica W.


In the first 2 weeks I saw results, I am now stronger and more confident.

Erin B.


I never thought an online training program could replace a personal trainer, boy was I wrong!

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