OLIO.FIT - Behind the curtain

We have combined the most advanced training techniques and the most effective sports psychology tools to bring you a truly world class experience. While most people really just want results there are some people who really want to know a little more about 'why' our system is different. 

There are 5  key areas that make the OLIO.FIT system unique:

  1. Incredible Variety - we have literally hundreds of exercises and almost endless world class routines we customize to help ensure you always get to adapt and grow. You will never get the same workout twice in week, month or possibly ever!

  2. Pro Sequencing - all of our workouts are very carefully built and sequenced so you build your you body in a systematic and safe way. Your body will enjoy how each workout flows into the next to keep building and maximizing your progress!

  3. Dynamic Periodization - not only are our workouts carefully sequenced, the types of exercises and the set & repetition values are systematically varied to maximize total body adaptation and overall progress. We keep your body guessing to keep the momentum and dramatically improve results!

  4. Phased Progressions - our training is based upon a 12 week 'Season', in which we will move you through different workout 'Phases' with each emphasizing a different training style. Training styles focus on different training objectives which include: Strength, Power, Agility, Endurance and more! By training you with different styles in each of the Phases you get a more comprehensive and effective training experience.

  5. Motivating - we use the most effective sports psychology to help boost commitment and keep you motivated! Having a world class training experience is motivating by itself but we have curated an interactive and highly engaging program to maximize your motivation from the beginning!


We are based out of sunny Los Angeles and due to our effective digital training delivery methods we can train people all over the United States of America and potentially the world!



Ethan Burgess, Founder (2009).

Ethan Burgess, Founder (2009).

OLIO.FIT is the brainchild of 6 time national medalist, movie stunt double, TV personality and certified master trainer, Ethan Burgess.  

Ethan is a certified expert in strength & conditioning and has many years of experience training thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels; from newbies up to Olympic athletes. 

He played high school football & golf while getting much of his advanced experience in competitive figure skating. As a 6 time national medalist in pairs figure skating he knows first hand how to build strength and capabilities to meet the most demanding circumstances. He as been an industry leader as a strength & conditioning director, coach and elite athlete.  Ethan brings his many years of training experience to the OLIO.FIT programs which are a unique synergy of his storied career and professional practice. 

You may have also seen his physical prowess in the movie "Blades of Glory" (stunt double for Jon Heder) or the television show "Skating with the Stars" (finalist with Bethenny Frankel).

Ethan has trained thousands of people from Olympic athletes to everyday people and knows how to customize your training experience for maximum results!

Part of his unique training philosophy involves not only advanced training methods but just as importantly world class sports psychology as well. It's not just how you train but the mindset you have in order to maintain motivation.

Ethan will train you as a whole person, systematically building you up to increase real world strength and improved capabilities in sports or in life!


— Ethan Burgess, Founder


Alliances - Numerous strategic partnerships are in the works.



  • 2016 - Initial Concept

  • 2017 - Concept/Prototype Testing

  • 2018 - Beta Testing & Launch!

  • 2019 - Hello world, time to get fit!



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