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Hi, I'm Ethan,

I've seen the suffering of age-related bone & muscle loss first hand and when I finally cracked the code to overcome what is considered by many as 'inevitable' I knew I needed to share this solution...

Welcome to OLIO.FIT, where your journey to reclaiming your vitality and strength begins. Ethan Burgess, the innovator behind the Muscle Weaving system, is dedicated to empowering women to conquer the challenges of bone and muscle loss due to aging.

Ethan's journey in sports began with football and golf in high school, but it was through competitive pairs figure skating that he truly mastered the art of resilience and strength.

As a six-time national medalist in pairs figure skating, a skating stunt double in the moving 'Blades of Glory' and a finalist partnering with Bethenny Frankel on the show 'Skating with the Stars', he knows how to work with women to achieve amazing results!

Leveraging his athletic discipline and real world experience, he has crafted a special program specifically for women and their unique needs before, during and after menopause.

The Muscle Weaving ™ system isn't just about regaining strength; it's about transforming your entire well-being.

Here are the key benefits of working with Ethan:

Gain Bone Mass & Density: Strengthen your bones to prevent osteoporosis & fractures.

Increase Weight Loss: Accelerate fat loss with workouts that optimize your metabolic rate.

Tone Up Your Body: Achieve a firmer, more sculpted physique through targeted exercises.

Keep Hormones 'In Check': Naturally balance your hormonal heath, essential for wellbeing.

Boost Libido & Energy: Elevate your energy levels and improve your vitality.

Ethan's Muscle Weaving system is designed to fit into your lifestyle seamlessly, respecting your time constraints while delivering measurable results.

His unique approach avoids the pitfalls of generic, high-intensity workouts that can be daunting, unrealistic or unsafe. Instead, he offers a personalized coaching program to safely strengthen your bones and muscles without overwhelming your schedule or sacrificing your joy.

He understands the fears and frustrations that come with aging and is committed to turning those into stories of empowerment and success.

Join a community of women who have found their strength, confidence, and youthful spirit.

Start your journey today and embrace a vibrant, empowered life!

Many women are loving this:

Natalie Z.


I've been doing Olio workouts and my latest bone scan showed improved density.

Monica W.


In the first 2 weeks I saw results, I am now stronger and more confident.

Erin B.


I never thought an online training program could replace a personal trainer, boy was I wrong!

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