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From Fragile to Fabulous: How to Overcome Bone Loss and Thrive

May 23, 20243 min read

“There are no symptoms of osteoporosis until you break a bone.” - Holly Thacker, MD, FACP


Can you feel your bones getting weaker? Probably not, but rest assured that they are slowly getting more frail, less dense, and more susceptible to breaks and fractures unless very specific actions are taken.

The truth is that Women are more prone to having bone issues than men, and that's just the way it is. As Women reach the age of 50, bone density scans are a must but unfortunately many of them paint a future picture that is bleak, which makes you feel as white as your bones.

Don't worry though, It's time to add some color into the future picture of your bone health. But before we get the paint brush, you should know exactly what is going on within your body.

What is Osteoporosis?

I receive many questions from scared clients that have their bone densities analyzed and receive not so great news. Their diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia can provide a violent shove into the realization that they aren't as healthy as they may have thought.

Let me explain what is happening within your bones and how quickly things can turn from bad to worse. Osteopenia is a loss of bone mass or bone mineral density. It is the stage before osteoporosis, and without treatment, it can progress to osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis happens when bone mineral density and bone mass decrease even further or when there are structural changes to bone tissue. Women have more age-related bone loss after menopause but it can start as early as 35.

This happens because their bodies produce less estrogen as they age. The hormone estrogen regulates bone metabolism. It is essential to bone health because it promotes the activity of osteoblasts, which are the cells that make new bones. When estrogen levels drop women can lose up to 10% of their bone mass every Decade!

As always, I'm here to give you an easy solution to this problem. Don't worry, it doesn't involve any crazy diet or exercise routine. Are you ready for the answer, then here it is! Resistance Training is the multicolored pen you need to put some color back into your bones, figuratively speaking.

Progressive Resistance Training(PRT) or Strength training has been shown to stimulate production of estrogen which helps rebalance bone tissue for women. Activities that put stress on bones can nudge bone-forming cells into action. That stress comes from the tugging and pushing on bone that occur during strength training. The result is stronger, denser bones and bone tissue.

Now, how do you safely implement resistance training into your fitness routine? I've got you covered, and it's as easy as 1, 2 , 3:

  1. First, don't try and fix everything all at once! This problem took time to develop, therefore it needs time to fix itself. More is not necessarily better and can actually create more problems.

  2. Start with one new exercise that makes your body move in a different way to prepare the body for weight bearing exercises. Light aerobics such as jumping jacks, agility exercises, or walking up/down hills are a great introduction for your body.

  3. Add some resistance to your exercises. Now that your body and bones are primed for action add some light resistance to your exercises. If you are performing squats, lunges or deadlifts, try adding 5 lbs. Exercises that focus on more than one muscle are ideal. Don't forget to add resistance to upper body exercises which will increase core and postural strength which will make you more stable.

Over 15 years I have seen firsthand that implementing these changes can not only stop but even reverse the negative effects osteoporosis has on the body. Making small changes will lead to consistent habits which will produce amazing results. Who knew that bones could be this healthy and look so good!

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