Here’s our story… OLIO.FIT is the brainchild of 6 time national medalist, movie stunt double, TV personality and certified master trainer, Ethan Burgess.  Ethan is a certified expert in strength & conditioning and has many years of experience training thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels; from newbies up to Olympic athletes. 

He played high school football & golf while getting much of his advanced experience in competitive figure skating. As a 6 time national medalist in pairs figure skating he knows first hand how to build strength and capabilities to meet the most demanding circumstances. He as been an industry leader as a strength & conditioning director, coach and elite athlete.  Ethan brings his many years of training experience to the OLIO.FIT programs which are a unique synergy of his storied career and professional practice. 

You may have also seen his physical prowess in the movie “Blades of Glory” (stunt double for Jon Heder) or the television show “Skating with the Stars” (finalist with Bethenny Frankel).

Ethan has trained thousands of people from Olympic athletes to everyday people and knows how to customize your training experience for maximum results!

Part of his unique training philosophy involves not only advanced training methods but just as importantly world class sports psychology as well. It’s not just how you train but the mindset you have in order to maintain motivation.

Ethan will train you as a whole person, systematically building you up to increase real world strength and improved capabilities in sports or in life!




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